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Stormie Candle CO

Reed Diffuser

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Reed Diffusers are an amazing alternative to a candle! Have you house smelling beautiful all day long! 

Available in a range of scents! 

↠ How to use 

Place the reed sticks in the oil and allow them to sit for one hour. By the end of the hour, you should start to notice the sticks slowly absorbing the oil. If the diffuser scent throw diminishes carefully pick up the diffuser bottle and gently swirl the oil in the bottle with the reeds remaining in place for approx. 20 to 30 seconds.

Reed diffuser should last between 3 and 6 months, depending on air conditions it is placed in.


! W A R N I N G !

Do not allow the diffuser oil to make contact on polished, waxed, oiled, painted, natural, treated or untreated timber, plastic, stone/polished composite stone or material surfaces, as surface damage may occur. Do not ingest the fragrance oil as it may be harmful. Keep away from children and pets. Keep away from heat and flames. Do not light the reeds. Avoid contact with the oil with eyes and skin as it may cause irritation. Any oil spills should be cleaned up immediately.